This item may be a floor model or store return that has been used. Select your model from the list and download the driver. The NdisMSleep function delays execution of the caller for a given interval in microseconds. NetConfigurationClose Releases the handle to the registry key that is associated with an adapter configuration object and then deletes the adapter configuration object. NetConfigurationQueryMultiString Retrieves the MultiString-valued registry entry associated with a value name in the specified configuration object.

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The NdisAllocateSharedMemory function allocates shared memory from a shared memory provider. The MiniportWdiTxPeerBacklog handler function is issued when a paused peer has a change in backlog state.

Ethernet Ports Phone Jacks. The WskDisconnectEvent event callback function notifies a WSK application that a connection on a connection-oriented socket has been disconnected by the remote application.

A protocol driver calls the NdisCloseAdapterEx function to release the binding and the resources that were allocated when the driver called the NdisOpenAdapterEx function. A classification action that defines the traffic class to be used to handle the egress packet.

MSI MS-6877 MN54G Mini PCIexpress WiFi 54Mbps 802.11bg

Filter drivers call the NdisFCancelOidRequest function to cancel a previous request to the underlying drivers. Specifies packet filters that control the types of packets the NIC completes on its receive path. Note notifyFn1 is the specific version of notifyFn used in Windows 7 mw-6877 later.

Note This function is deprecated. The NdisReadNetworkAddress function returns the software-configurable network address that was stored in the registry for a NIC when it was installed in the machine. The NdisIfDeregisterProvider function deregisters an interface provider that was previously registered by a call to the NdisIfRegisterProvider function.

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MSI MN54G (MS6877) 802.11g/b Wireless Adapter

An offload target calls the NdisTcpOffloadDisconnectComplete function to complete a disconnect request that was initiated by a previous call to the MiniportTcpOffloadDisconnect function of the offload target. NdisMRemoveMiniport The NdisMRemoveMiniport function removes the specified miniport driver adapter that the miniport driver has determined is unrecoverable from the system.

The NdisGetCurrentProcessorCounts function returns counts for the current processor that a driver can use to determine CPU usage for a particular time interval.

The VmbChannelEnable function enables a channel that is in the mx-6877 state by connecting to VMBus and offering or opening a channel, as appropriate for the endpoint type.

The EvtChannelPnpFailure callback function is invoked if the client endpoint in the guest virtual machine asynchronously fails to connect even though a PnP device was located. The FwpsvSwitchEventsUnsubscribe0 function releases resources that are associated with virtual switch notification subscriptions.

MSI MS MN54G Mini PCIexpress WiFi 54Mbps bg | eBay

FwpsvSwitchEventsUnsubscribe0 The FwpsvSwitchEventsUnsubscribe0 function releases resources that are associated with virtual switch notification subscriptions. We have many downloads related to driver wireless msi ms which are hosted on sites. The FwpsNetBufferListRetrieveContext0 function retrieves the context associated with a network buffer list that was tagged in another layer.

WskConnectEx is similar to WskConnect except that it can also optionally send a buffer of data during or after connection synchronization. You may also like.

MSI MN54G Wireless Mini PCI-E Card (MS) Windows Driver, Software | Wireless Drivers

NdisMTerminateOffloadComplete An offload target calls the NdisMTerminateOffloadComplete function to complete a terminate offload operation that was initiated by a previous call to the MiniportTerminateOffload function of the offload target.


The VmbChannelInitSetMaximumPacketSize function sets the maximum packet size that can be delivered through a channel, which is the maximum size that will ever be specified m-6877 the VmbPacketSend function. The VmbChannelSetPointer function saves an arbitrary pointer in a channel context. The VmbPacketAllocate function allocates a packet from the channel’s lookaside list.

Vistta element in the array specifies the attributes of a network adapter switch that has been created on the network adapter. This property is specified for a port on the Hyper-V extensible switch. The FwpmBfeStateSubscribeChanges0 function registers a callback function that is called whenever there is a change to the state of the filter engine. That is, the maximum size of the buffer described by an ExternalDataMdl.

The NdisSetCoalescableTimerObject function sets a timer object that the operating system coordinates with other timers, typically to reduce power consumption, when the exact expiration of the timer is not important to driver operation. Implemented by the client driver as the default handler for set object identifier OID requests. NDIS calls a miniport driver’s MiniportDriverUnload function to request the driver to release resources before viista system completes a driver unload operation.

Implement this optional callback function to perform cleanup on a receive buffer for which you previously specified manual fragment allocation and attachment.