I think OpenCV would be a decent alternative. Xbox Controller Bus Device Please notice it works on Windows, but maybe I didn’t include everything. No time for that when there is evil afoot! All three machines are capable of shooting p HD video which is also the highest resolution I can manage on my laptop.

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This mono track was latter edited EQ, compression, and also a little bit of tape emulation and re-joined to the video using kdenlive. I eventually figured out that setting linjx audio codec to linear PCM, although it is a good idea, sets the audiorate to Hz, while I record in Hz.

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And the backup webcam to guard that one on the other side of the room will be powered by W You know you want me baby! Let linus get this straight.

Hi, not sure about what grainyness you are talking of. Also, guvcview might consume a lot of CPU while recording. Entity type for entity Extension 8 was not initialized!


Best Linux Replacement for Logitech Webcam Controller – Linux & Unix

KDE, Ruler of all Distro’s. Entity type for entity Processing 3 was not initialized! No such file or directory. May perhaps be of some small use Notify me of new posts by email. A situation like Red Hat, where the distro is distributed by subscription, would be a devastating blow to the many Ubuntu users, yet with Team Shuttleworth cozying up with Microsoft, anything could happen.

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That’s how some folks monitors those logitedh babysits their kids or elderly parents while away at work or wherever. Will keep on shoveling Logitech C brightness int: This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Llinux it’ll also be dual booting with Linux Mint Hi Joao, this feature is derived from similar camera which has auto-focus enabled hardware. So in essence, I could do just as you suggested, yet it would be only kicking the can down the road.

Manual USB camera settings in Linux

Proud Linux user and dual booter. Have a look here: While some may argue that the Core2Duo E 3. So, I brought the Logitech c to try and record video directly to my laptop, while also recording the audio from my focusrite.


How were you able to capture video? Like everything in life, this was an logitfch Kurokesu C1 and Logitech C are couple of these good ones. I think C does not support simultaneous streams, at least I don’t know how to use this feature.

Note two interfaces for Kurokesu C1 camera — this is lgoitech stream output.

As soon as my last component arrives, the SSD bay hopefully by week’s end as scheduledwill be ready to setup the PC for the webcam monitoring. This must have been asked many times, even a standard reply gratefully accepted. I want the best resolution I can have with it.