Device shows in lsusb but nowhere else. While it was working, it was having trouble recognizing the correct passphrase. Info – Loading firmware file ‘rt The Ralink driver is rather clunky kernel driver reading files in user space — think “staging” quality , so ideally using mainline and a proper firmware would be a lot better. Theres too many factors for us to simply list out our stats.. Run the software and choose install driver only. I double checked that to confirm.

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It doesn’t slow down for nothing. But Windows will load the drivers for the Linksys right away without having to go and find them. I will give you the list of drivers my pc gives me: I double checked the router before I sent this so I know its something with the adapter, but now during linosys, the computer screen says waiting for network configuration to finish.

I will try the “iwlist scan” suggestion tonight after work and let you know. I also find it interesting that you have the results of both route -n and ip route, but no Code:. I little hick-up that I discovered is that if I change from Mate to Cinnamon the adapter gets rejected and the screen goes to a black screen with a IRQ errors.


Finally, any configuration steps are completely different with Gnome that for KDE or any other desktop. I thought it was weird at the time myself but I didn’t know about the wireless.

Originally Posted by lwfinger. I’m running KDE, the latest version. Specifically under Windows 7. Been using Debian for ages, heard Ubuntu had a better chance of finding drivers for wireless hardware and switched a server over, so far love it! Clicked it and installed the driver only. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. Lihksys with the default rt To be filled by O.

Linksys AE1000

I have 2 USB adapters. I am even including a couple pictures to show you the driver is installed and working fine. See full activity log. Changed in linux Ubuntu: I have downloaded it and will boot into Windows to see how the setup goes, as I’m not sure how “user friendly” the installation will be.

Based on your ‘iwconfig” output, you have successfully registered with your wireless base station. Originally Posted by niero. Have you installed the kernel-firmware package? Message 11 of 57 5, Views.


I just used your suggestion but I installed the adapter in Mint 13 64 bit. You will likely need to install the rfkill package. Tags for this Thread You must manually point to the driver upgrade afterwards.

Thus, I’d like to stay with WPA libksys possible. I’ve been reading that WEP isn’t nearly as secure.

Linksys AE driver installation in Ubuntu – The Linux Community Forum

What are the basic steps for hooking up wireless internet on Linux? That’s good to know, I hadn’t heard that about ndiswrapper.

Hello from Poland I also thank you for the instructions – they were very useful.