For all its sophisticated features, the car was woefully short on protection against attack. These polls also show that there is no agreement on who else may have been involved. Rusk, Richard; Papp, Daniel S. By submitting, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Sorrels, Special Agent in charge of the Dallas office, were the most active in planning the actual motorcade route. A woman reacts to the news of the president’s death on the streets of New York. Retrieved 12 February

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Would a bubble-top have saved Kennedy? More answers from the strange story of JFK’s Lincoln limo

His blood and fragments also landed on the Secret Service follow-up car and its driver’s left arm, as well on the motorcycle officers who were riding on both sides of the President just behind his vehicle.

United States Government Printing Office. The Commission made no conclusion as to whether this was the second or asaassination bullet fired.

Kennedy recalled, “All the ride to the hospital I kept bending over him saying, ‘Jack, Jack, can you hear me?

Completely exposed On that fateful day in Dallas, those jump seats were occupied by Texas Gov. Get more details in Digital Collections at: The doctor who operated on Connally measured his head at the time he was hit as having turned 27 degrees left of center.

The Strange Saga of the JFK Assassination Car | Boundary Stones: WETA’s Washington DC History Blog

The navy blue Lincoln no longer was a convertible, having been equipped with a bulletproof metal-and-glass hardtop roof. Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Texas Gov.


CE49Z dent in metal trim. Assassination attempts on the President of the United States. Capitol and onto the coffin of the late President Kennedy, lying in state before funeral services.

This page was last edited on 26 Decemberat The bullet exited his throat nearly centerline just beneath his larynx and nicked the left side of limk suit tie knot.

There is always much to see and do at The Henry Ford.

Curious Melbourne

Retrieved from ” https: The shirt worn by one of the Secret Service agents guarding the president is assassinatjon held by the Melbourne Museum, still splattered in green paint. As I Saw It. The vehicle was equipped with Presidential lap robes and mouton carpeting and a complete communications system including radio patch to the White House. Archived Limp from the original on January 26, The limousine that John F.

The Review Board was not commissioned to make any findings or conclusions regarding the assassination, just to collect and release all related documents.

National Library of Australia.

President, you can’t say Dallas doesn’t love you,” which President Kennedy acknowledged by saying “No, you certainly can’t. Therefore, the planned motorcade route included a short one-block turn at the end of the downtown segment of Main Street, onto Houston Street for one block northward, before turning again west onto Elm, that way they could proceed through Dealey Plaza before exiting Elm onto the Stemmons Freeway.


Governor Connally was riding in the same limousine in a seat directly in front of the President and three inches more to the left than Kennedy; he was also seriously injured, but survived. Lee Bowersa railroad switchman who was sitting in a two-story tower, [47] had an unobstructed view of the rear of the stockade fence atop the grassy knoll during the shooting. But that would be incorrect.

Create an Account or login First Name. In the car’s grille was assassinahion by one from a model and ‘sombrero’-style wheel covers like those of the Lincoln Premiere were added.

Retrieved October 20, Visit our online ,ennedy A frequency designated as Channel One was used for routine police communications, while Channel Two was an auxiliary channel dedicated to the President’s motorcade. On the evening of the assassination, Dallas Police performed paraffin tests on Oswald’s hands and right cheek in an apparent effort to determine, by means of a scientific test, whether or not he had recently fired a weapon. A bullet found on Governor Connally’s hospital gurney and two bullet fragments found in the Presidential limousine were ballistically matched to this rifle.

Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories.