I mean why not? If he hits the ball anywhere near the numbers provided he will certainly develop a cult following. Very low risk for them. Walker started using a inch driver this year at the SBS Tournament of Champions at Kapalua in January, and Rickie Fowler, who won the Honda Classic, also recently started playing a shorter driver, going from It just so happens, that on the surface, it appears as though he can actually play the game at a very high level in other areas too. Will bring more of such ….

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This year, the golfing legend posted an …. The difference being that the marketing has to be more creative, because at least right now, you are not going to see Jamie Sadlowski in the final pairing at Augusta National or most other places, because he is not there yet. Could this be the same?

Cleveland signs Jamie Sadlowski: Does it Make Sense?

Ryder Cup Wildcard Picks: Lasting moments inside the ropes with Tiger Woods There are always a few other people inside the ropes with Tiger Woods during pro-ams. Enjoyed the article JB! sadlowxki

PGA Tour 4hr ago Tiger at Early on, he had moderate success making cuts on the Web. Greg19 January 3, – Worst case scenario, there will be some form of discussion about him and his ability to tear the cover off a ball in any event he plays in.


Ron Callaaway 3, – Amateur 20hr ago What is the average cost of a round of golf?

Former long-driver Jamie Sadlowski modifies his gear to chase Tour card | Golfweek

Dented January 3, – 7: And Sadlowski uses an Arccos shot-tracking system to provide data during casual rounds, so he knows his yardages. Freddie Kong January 3, – 9: David Dusek February 28, So now Jamie has the grip size that allows him to soften callqway his grip pressure.

I imagine every manufacturer offered him a deal he would be happy with. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply.

Please check your email for a confirmation. Chris Nichols January 3, – 6: I wonder what we should use to ultimately judge this signing in a years time…sales of Launcher drivers? This is an iamie signing. He had never carried a 3-wood, opting instead for an degree driving iron because his 3-wood flew too low and too far.

The love the signing and would LOVE to watch him in person! Now that he is concerned with shooting low scores instead of generating mph-plus of ball speed, Sadlowski also is thinking more about what clubs jamiw carries. I mean why not?


The interesting part here is that Jamie Sadlowski falls somewhere in between the two. Golfinnut January 3, – Holiday Cheer Contest Day 3: Together jamiw share a passion for golf, and they travel the country in the THP Tour Van bringing their love and knowledge of the game to golfers everywhere.

Hopefully Jamie finds success on the tour, and Cleveland gains a lot of exposure from his using their gear.

Former long-driver Jamie Sadlowski modifies his gear to chase Tour card

One of the biggest changes for Sadlowski involves something most amateurs seldom tweak: And there are all different kinds, not just on Sunday on the back 9 or in a tournament sadlowsik at all. Using a staff member from a few of the larger companies as an example, what would make more sense? Great read, yeah I think it makes sense.