Radiant Opto-Elec Technology Co. Drag the feedback channel or the variable on the item, select In Text in the dialog window. Turning Leaf Furniture Specialists. Variant 2 Radio Buttons for controlling variables with possibility to receive feedback. The task of Radio Buttons:

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Then you will be able to use it to control RGB strips lwd any built-in iRidium drivers. You can use any colored image as a palette.

Send Token – send to the variable Value calculated as a sum of the current values and the increment step. Helvar LED driver product line is designed for energy efficient, long lasting, high quality lighting solutions. The lighting control competence center of Helvar, of which the manufacturing operations are conducted in Finland, is in England and this company provides services through its office and global partners in over 40 countries worldwide.

Minrray Industry Co, Ltd.

Helvar Dimmable DALI LED Driver (1 x 30W)

To work hlvar the Internet, indicate the public IP-address of the router to which the controller is connected and set up Port Forwarding. Gyration, a Movea Brand. Seikaku Technical Group Ltd. Thomas Regout International B. Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc.


Request more information from a dealer near you. Radian Audio Engineering, Inc. Grassfish Marketing Technologies GmbH. Shenzhen Q-Color Technology Co.

If helvwr use another driver, copy it name from iRidium studio and enter it in the first line of the template instead of Helvar Net TCP. CE Operating Temperature Maximum: Execute only article 2.

KV2 Audio Europe Ltd. A graphic item has 2 states. They can be changed while working with the project.

The Functional Test is in progress brief test where the control gear is being powered by the emergency supply. Retrieved from ” https: In the fields Trigger Value 1 and 2 indicate the same values corresponding to those which have to be sent to the controlled variable by each button Drag the command for controlling the variable on all Radio Buttons.

Frame Jazz Display Co. When the event is activated the indicated value will be written in the variable Press – to send Value on pressings Release – to send Value on releasing Move – to send all intermediate Values when moving the slider.


Shenzhen Absen Industry Co, Ltd. Company Team History Philosophy Rewards. Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup Inc. Automation Enclosure, 1 module high x 1 module wide. Settings and behavior of Radio Button depend on the variable you work with. Flexible Picture Systems Inc. Create a feedback channel Tick it for the slider to move in accordance with the actual variable state. There will not be any response from non-emergency devices of the system.

First DALI-2 products certified by DiiA members – Digital Illumination Interface Alliance

Apex Tool Group – Xcelite. Helvar does not allow automatic formation of the list of devices which can be controlled, so they have to be added manually.

It is required to have feedback from the helvad in real time to work with the item.