I just had one of their boards die on me yesterday. Doesn’t sound like something we would do. Honestly I don’t see how carrying the decimal place out a bit changes anything beyond making you sound even more silly. Really rare to find a Sandy that can’t do it. I blame not clearing cmos that time or bad flashdrive. I know, they’re a nightmare to find at a decent price.

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Pretty basic safeguards considering the consequences.

Download BIOS \ CMOS Tools for Windows – MajorGeeks

Yeah, but what laptop isn’t full of bloatware. I’m going to test a Z97 board right now. The whole RMA-checking process took near 2 months. It will still deliver the same message to whoever is reading it, and you won’t look like you’re relying on fake data to make your point.

It does include a anti-Norton AV removal tool.

If they have programs that claim it’s safe, they need to actually work, otherwise why even bother at all making them in the first place? Consider PMs as a safer way to hand out keys.

Just do a clean install of Windows when you get it, don’t let bloatware be the deciding factor. Thanks for the heads up. If anyone else gets this issue can you tell me what specific driver you were updating? But now it’s been replace with the actual F That’s simply not true.


Was half tempted to get the from them when they were scarce.

ASRock has good value, but legendarily bad service, and my experience with Gigabyte has been subpar both with the hardware and support. Let’s post this every day until the end of time. EVGA has good support but is expensive and doesn’t offer the same features or selection as others.

No risk no fun. Their motherboards lack all them bells and whistles but I heard they are good quality. Always always always get a motherboard with two BIOS options on main board or get one that has a very vetted process by which you can recover a corrupted one. I didnt feel confident with dos tho so i did it in windows.

If push came to shove, I’d use them again but I, personally, would avoid as much as possible.

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App center pops an update and after it does all its fancy stuff and updates in this case i think it was intel update? And then someone pops out and writes “But but everything runs fine on my end! CPU isn’t overclockable, iirc. Currently considering a GIgabyte for my next laptop.


PSA: Never update your BIOS in Windows!! Always do the update with a usb key in the BIOS. : Amd

Take the extracted image file from above, and write it to USB flash disk with dd. So anyone who is telling you that you cannot update the BIOS from Windows is out of date by 5 years at minimum.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I have one and I disabled automatic updates and I always go in and approve each item.


Always buy dual BIOS if you can. Tried to flash to f5d. That’s not really data though. Try and feel the difference in smoothness between and Yeah right, I’ll happily bitch right there with you, I get your point, but I’m not going to brick my motherboard just for the sake of it.