And I never had any trouble in the 5 plus year I had it. I was very upset with Epson, but after this kind of customer service, I am impressed. Printing and scanning speeds lag far behind this multifunction printer’s vendor-rated 15 pages per minute ppm for black or color text not a terribly unusual gap. Talk about exceeding the customer’s expectations If this new printer doesn’t work, arson is back on the menu! Tech support went through this with me and wanted me to try it with another computer. If you see a lot stamp on the back of the cartridge no label you will see a set of letters and numbers something like HA well that cartridge was made April.

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I used and paid good money for the Duribrite ink, and the printer stopped working. I was doing some checking on what replacement I should get and I run across some interesting facts. Then, if that doesnt work they will set me up with an exchange.

Anyways, good luck to all of you! I have owned 2 other epsons in the past. Sorry everyone else is having so many problems. Printing and scanning speeds lag far behind this multifunction printer’s vendor-rated 15 pages per minute ppm for black or color text not a terribly unusual gap. Now in the process of changing a couple of cartridges I’ve gotten the “E” message with all lights flashing. I bought a refill kit that includes so they say c66 as well as cx I stayed with her on the line, telling her it worked okay for over a year, I liked Epson until now, I’ll have to buy other brand, blah blah blah.


Haven’t you read all the other posts here? My printers crappy too. I think they found out they have a hugh problem on their hands, and there isn’t much that can be done to fix it, other that coming out with a print setup like the HP’s or the Canon’s or like anybody elses printer.

I’m thinking of going back to my old Lexmark until I can figure out what I want to get to replace the Epson and it won’t be another Prjnter.

Epson CX4600

I immediately had the feeling I should have lied about the date I purchased it because I doubt they would want proof. I am completely disgusted with both of them. So i called Epson up I am not an epson fan boy just stating things i have found. I called them and they asked me the numbers off of each ink cartridge. I don’t know what to do, but I hope Epson will send me a CX simply for the fact that this one is a piece of crap.

New Epson cartridges and no output whatsoever. I sent Epson an email last night and they told me to clean the heads. Epson stands by their printers, folks. Thank you guys for your help. When the Cx comes in, I will use that until printe ink runs out too.


Epson Stylus CX review: Epson Stylus CX – CNET

The cartridges just ran out for the first time so I replaced them and spent a ton of money only to find the printer will not print anything but blank pages. I bet they would at least offer to let you exchange them.

Bought the sameand had the same problems as everyone else — blank pages.

I have a CX If it printed ok, then dont clean it. It comes with miniature ink carts that print pages only… then if you only wish to print black, if your color cartridges are out you are screwed and have to buy color to get black to work Trust me Ship CX back they pay for shipping and they will see if they can fix it otherwise you get a new CX Epson, shame on you. It is worth every dollar of my postage to send them a gift after all the cash I’ve sent them I was on hold for over 5 minutes my dime.

How do you do that?