Chassis – Chassis assembly – the large plastic item that forms the base of the print mechanism. Cable Interface – Parallel cable – connects from your printer to computer via your parallel port. Retainer – Washer retainer – Holds carriage rod lubrication washers in place. Actuator – Actuating unit. Cable Mechanism – Cable assembly which connects the main logic board to the print mechanism. Spring – Encoder spring – Provides tension for the encoder strip and grounds the carriage rod to the carriage plate.

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Spring Compression – Compression spring – on pulley wedge, for carriage belt tension. Slider – Carriage base slider – plastic piece on the front end of the carriage that allows the carriage to slide side to side. Spring – Width spring – Provides friction for paper width adjuster.

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Spring – Clamp spring – Provides tension for the ink cartridge locking clamps. Door Cartridge – Small front access door drop down door – for accessing print cartridge window – for print cartridge access pronter. Hardware – O-ring – Nitrile rubber, 6mm ID, 2mm diameter cross-section, 70 durometer. Glass Assembly – Main top copier glass assembly. Gear Double – Transfer gear – has double gear attached on service station. Lifter – Pressure plate lifter – Also known as lifter shaft or paper lifter.


Paper – Greeting card paper pack White – A size 8. deskjt

Preloader – Carriage pre-loader – Holds the carriage against the carriage rod. Tool – 35cc syringe – For use with carriage slider rod lubricant. Guide – Width adjuster – For single sheet or envelope feeder. Wing – Right wing – Holds printed paper after being ejected.

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Retainer – Washer retainer – Holds carriage rod lubrication washers in place. Bezel – Keypad bezel – Covers the keypad – Attaches to the front right of the top cover.

Pressure Assembly – Pressure plate assembly – Lifts paper stack to be printed.

Arm Pick Up – Paper detection arm – for registration plate on picking up paper. Arm Sensing – Arm assembly senses paper in bottom tray. Carriage – Carriage assembly – Does not include trailing cable.

PC Board – Ink cartridge carriage assembly pc board – includes carriage pc board only.

Separator – Prinher separator – assembled from plastic and rubber components; to help in separating sheet of media during printing from bottom trays. Cap Lifter – These lifter caps hold the pressure plate lifter and the kicker spring in place. Sensor Open – Door sensor assembly – open door sensor.


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DeskJet C Printer parts list. Spring – Latch spring – Provides tension for tray latch.

Pivot – Key pivot – Link dezkjet panel actuators and micro switches. Spitton – Spittoon base – the bottom and main housing of the service station assembly – deskjdt any residual ink from the print cartridge cleaning process. Bracket Left – Left bracket – carriage rod adjustment bracket left. Packaging – Carriage restraint – Protects bottom of carriage assembly during shipment. Lubricant – Special lubricating oil – For carriage slider rod surface – syringe with 35cc oil.

Encoder – Encoder spring – provides tension for encoder strip. Cover – Power supply cover – Shields and protects power supply PC board.

Adjuster – Eccentric bushing – Used to adjust pen-to-paper spacing 2 used. Arm Tension – Tension arm – maintains tension on carriage belt.