Actually, now that you mention it, it seems like those should be a very nice combination, less expensive than the SBS Posted October 5, Posted July 27, I’ve seen the HPs in your other posts, but not the Elliptrac. They have a 1″ compression driver above them.

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Sale pending; drivers reserved for Chris. Has anybody tried the Community M driver on the Elliptrac horn?

I hope this solution works out for you. Sign up for a new account in our community. The horns themselves are less expensive.

that’s a steal. New for a single..

Did you build those ones yourself? I feel that this response is better than my last response, ckmpression, so this has given me a chance to formulate a better plan for tackling your problem.

Posted October 4, edited. Register a new account. You could probably find a local cabinet shop i. The M has a very low compression ratio, which supposedly gives it a more “relaxed” sound than other compression drivers.

Nico Boom had the same basic setup and was very pleased. Any aways I have four td they are playing and up. Anyone have any idea of what boxes will go well ,200 these Community tops and incorporate the P Audio 15″s, thanks. It will be much louder than your TD cabinets but like I said, the TD are optimized for a wider bandwidth.


COMMUNITY M COMPRESSION Driver 2″ With Flyable Community Exponential Horn – $ | PicClick

I’s pretty sure it is just different capacitors as different values will be inputted into the equations. I was told to expect outstanding results. The MA has lower midrange extension Hz vs Hz but at the expense of some of its upper range extension. Sorry about the cross post i think i will be selling 2 of the top cabs and just going out and paying 4 new cabs that can get up with the low end do you have any idea’s on what cabs would give me what i looking for without breaking the bank.

Sounds like what you need is a horn-loaded midrange and high frequency system. The difference is equal to a doubling dompression the input power, I think. By nico boomJuly 21, in Garage Sale.

I will be building crossovers from scratch I have transformers.

Will try and get some photos up later, but here is a link for the driver, http: I plan to use them for a second small rig with TSW on bass Hz. Well, one thing I certainly know is that you don’t need anything with big woofers. Already have an account? I would what something that can keep up with 4 jbl h this is playingand 4 jbl h this is playing FWIW, the regular M driver goes all the way back to or so.


Away on extended m2000.

I think someone else said they were “stupid loud”. It probably needs to be crossed at about 3kHz and add the filter. Yes, the Elliptrac Upon further investigation, it doesn’t look like they used communjty newer MA driver for any existing designs.

Those shouldn’t last long. So, go with something with a fairly small coil and light cone.