Page Push the front latch up and fully open the front cover. You may need to click Properties or Setup from the initial Print box to see all of the available printer settings you can change. See “Print Media Guidelines” Low to High Price: If the tray modules are not listed, turn off the printer, unplug the power cable, and reinstall the optional sheet tray module. Moisture Content, Grain Direction, Fiber Content, Recommended Paper, Unacceptable Paper Storing paper unwrapped in humid conditions, even in the paper tray, can contribute to paper curling prior to printing and cause feeding problems.

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Removing the Optional Multi Protocol Card Make sure that the printer is turned off and unplug all cables including the power cord from the rear of the printer.

Close blue cover after removing jammed paper. Be careful not to confuse them. Feed paper from the tray loaded with Letter 8.

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Create wireless setting of your computer following the steps below. Page 78 Insert the four screws provided into the four holes inside the printer and tighten them to secure the printer to the optional sheet tray module. Page can be specified. Feed paper from tray 1 standard sheet tray.


Dell 5110cn – Color Laser Printer User Manual

Turn off the printer and wait for 30 minutes. Close the Printers folder. Push the clips on both sides of the slot outward.

On the printer operator panel press MENU. Page Available orientations for multipurpose feeder are as follows. Make sure nothing touches or scratches the surface of the light-sensitive drum green-colored roller or the transfer roller black-colored roller.

Adhesive material contaminates your printer and could void your warranty. Select Computer to Computer ad hoc networks only and close the Advanced dialog box. Specifies the amount of time lazer printer waits for additional data before it cancels the job.

To set or change the password to limit access to the menus from the operator panel. The printer will automatically laxer the attached tray s but will not detect the paper type.

To lock the transfer roller into the printer push down the tabs until you hear a click. Removing Options If the printer location needs to change or the printer and print media handling options need to be shipped to a new location, all print media handling options must be removed from the printer.

Page Press both tabs inward and hold while gently lifting the separator roller cover to the open position. Address Sets the address in the address field. Option Enables the short-edge binding ppcl6.


Place the imaging drum next to the print sample on which the colored dots appear to find the part that needs to be cleaned. Be careful not to bend the print media. Installing the New Transfer Roller Unpack a new transfer roller and grip the tabs as shown. If you plan to use many downloadable bitmapped or scalable fonts or if you plan to use many different sizes of scalable fonts, you may need to purchase additional memory for your printer.

Reset the wireless setting of the printer following the steps on the Reset Wireless Setting screen.

Dell Color Laser Printer cn 2. In some cases, this option will be ignored.


Envelopes, transparencies, labels, plain paper, cards. Enables the long-edge binding feature. Go to File Print. Remove the four screws on the controller card from the back side of the printer. Password Sets whether to enable or disable the password. Page Prints on cpl6 side of the paper.