Hi Sebastian, here the settings for my experiment: Because this protocol sends this stream of characters, it should be used only with the E-Prime software. The menu on the left of the page has the more important links. Peter Pebler This makes it the easiest mode to read in user developed software and should be used for Neurobehavioral Systems Presentation which is installed on all paradigm computers. If you haven’t already, plug your device into the serial port of you computer. Sign In or Register to comment.

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Once all four dipswitches have been set to the down position, the serial port must be configured with the compatible settings. For example, if you are modifying a script that is configured to use the keyboard for measuring responses either inputdevice is set to keyboard or it’s unspecified, in which case Inquisit defaults to the keyboardyou simply need to set inputdevice to XID, either as the default for the entire script:.

On a laptop it will generally be the next free COM number. Framing should be set to 8 bits, 1 stop, no parity. You will also need to configure your script to handle the specific numeric values returned by the buttons on the device. The final 4 characters give the time of the press or release since the Reaction Timer was last reset in buton.

Response Boxes

With this mode, the button box can be used to time experiment events rather cedurs relying on the timers in the computer. Just to be perfectly sure, if you click on the ‘Edit script’ button, does it look something like this?


Second, there have been problems with the SR box plug-in in the past, so please make sure that you’re running the stable 0. The menu on the left of the page has the more important links. Is it supported by opensesame?

I have defined the buttons 1 and 3 as Allowed responses 1;3but all the 8 buttons are active and collect responses. Hi Sebastian, the problem is solved. Be warned, you must disconnect your response box from the computer and then reconnect it for buttton changes to take effect. Although Inquisit supports any baud rate, we’ll just use the default setting of to keep things simple. Although we have no experience in cedrjs responses using a joystick or gamepad ourselves, other OpenSesame users have successfully implemented this.

Could OpenSesame collect the responses without the E-Prime? But I first have to take care of the world I know.

Cedrus Button Box Component — PsychoPy v

I’m afraid I cannot reproduce this problem. Of course many other patterns are possible, if the subject is pressing more than one button simultaneously. See also the support page at the Cedrus website: Hi Sebastian, here the settings for my experiment: These and the Lumina response pads use a communication protocol called XID that defines a set of commands for sending and retrieving data to and from the device.

Bryan Paton The 4 bytes represent a 32 bit integer.

Buy Cedrus Response Pad RB software from | Science Plus Software

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Set both switches for the desired protocol, then press the Reset switch briefly. What is the correct syntax for this I have set the allowed keys to “1;5” on the SR box so, ideally, I would like to limit the duration keypress to those buttons. There is no way to tell if 2 buttons are held down at the same time – you will never get any response other than the 6 shown below. Please see the following topic: We’ve found ourselves having to do this on occassion.


Once the device is plugged in, you can communicate with it in Inquisit by making a few simple modifications to your task script.

You would need to read their protocol documentation to figure out what to send to reset the box timer, and how to parse the response event information packet that is sent back. When the response box is shipped, all four switches on the device are down by default, which sets the device to XID mode at a baud rate ofIf multiple buttons are pushed, the bit for each button will be set to one.

July edited 4: Expand the Ports node on the tree, right click on the COM port that your response box is plugged into, and select the Properties command.