The AOMs are offered with conduction and water-cooled enclosures. Brimrose has been making A-O Modulators and related components for more than 30 years. A c-mount interface makes it compatible with any microscope for biomedical research such as cancer detection, Raman or Fluorescence Spectroscopy. It is designed to work in the laboratory or in harsh environments on installations such as large drones, aircraft, or other vehicles. For more information, please contact Jan S. There are a variety of applications for the AOTF tunable light source, including laboratory analysis and quality control in on-line applications.

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A cavity-dumped laser, a pulse picker is often called a cavity dumper, extracts the circulating pulse from the cavity in only every Nth round trip.

Growth of high quality mercurous halide single crystals by physical vapor transp

The Brimrose free space Q-switches are designed for the highest conversion efficiency of RF energy into acoustic energy by attaching the transducer to the crystal with an advanced vacuum metallized process. It is a fiber-coupled, solid-state device that can tune laser light to very specific frequencies while switching on and off in less than nanoseconds. Other materials and models are available. Learn More Luminar Free Space NIR Analyzer The new Luminar is a next-generation spectrometer that is highly capable yet comes in a small size, offers low-power consumption and has no moving parts.

Q-switches are special modulators designed for use inside laser cavities. Kasprzak, Business Development at jkasprzak brimrose.


It functions as a tunable transmissive filter. The RF Drivers are provided with either analog amplitude modulation, TTL, or a combination of both, brimroxe upon application requirements. S — Standard Resolution.

As a result, nearly all the laser energy is dumped out of the resonant cavity in the form of a single optical pulse. EH — Extra high Resolution. The AOMs are offered with conduction and water-cooled enclosures. It is a solid state device with no mechanical moving parts and is immune to vibration. The modulators are used to control laser beam intensity, frequency modulation, frequency shifting, to control pulses and more.

Brimrose Corp. of America : SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing Exhibition

For more brimmrose, contact Jan Kasprzak at jkasprzak brimrose. To reach these ultra-cold temperatures, the CAL uses a three-step process. Click here to view the list of recent Press Releases from Brimrose Corporation.

Brimrose also makes a free space version of the AOM. A cavity dumper offers high peak power and higher repetition frequencies. H — High Resolution.

During the plasma evolution, ionic and atomic breakdown products, vapor, liquid, and solid phases of target materials all present at the target sample surface. Brimrose Acousto-Optic Deflectors AODs combined with RF drivers are specially designed for high-speed scanning applications such as laser recording, optical scanning, signal processing, etc. However, UVN signature, which corresponds to the atomic electron transitions of the constituent elements, reveals only the elemental composition of the material, instead of the chemical bonds between the elemental atoms, which is important to determine molecular composition accurately.

Brimrose AOTF HSI is a cost effective, rugged, and compact design that offers superior speed, image performance, high signal to noise ratio, wide field of view and is suitable for various food, biomedical, pharmaceutical and military applications. TE cooled enclosures are available upon request.


Most importantly, it comes with an economic price tag.

Also, our standard software offers customizable exposure time, wom gain, dynamic range optimization, user adjustable system signal response and non-uniformity correction, image zoom during acquisition and many more. They cover frequency ranges from just a few MHz up to 3.

Brimrose AOM Implanted on International Space Station

It will provide scientists with an improved set of tools for probing the realm of quantum mechanics, which is the study of nature at the very smallest scale. A c-mount interface makes it compatible with any microscope for biomedical research such as cancer detection, Raman or Fluorescence Spectroscopy. Collecting an image data cube consisting of bands takes approximately 0.

AOTFs are used widely in numerous optical systems and applications, especially in industrial or process control near-infrared NIR spectroscopy applications. If the incident acoustic wave is introduced in the direction of the incident optical wave, the laser frequency shifts aoom the higher side. For more information, amo contact Jan S.