It was such a great trade mark! Return to Castle Wolfenstein Test results: So, let’s get back on the track. Note that there are 4 rendering pipelines instead of 8! The Awakening Test results:

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Sapphire RADEON 9200SE Atlantis graphics card – Radeon 9200 SE – 128 MB

It was such a great trade mark! The GeForce FX is beaten.

Nevertheless, I doubt that the Canadian company knows nothing about it and has no means to influence the situation. It loses to the FX too. Cards used for comparison:. Or raseon decided to kill the sales? GPU clocked at MHz. Sapphire Technology is a well known brand name after ATI. I also feel sorry for the 9200we at Sapphire who will have to carry the burden of explaining the difference between the SE variations, why the Pro Lite was released and who needs the Pro after that I want to thank ATI for not letting users rareon buy what has its own unique features.


Pentium 4 MHz based computer: Something must be wrong with the drivers. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: VSync off, S3TC off in applications.

But such cards weaken sales of Sapphire’s PRO based cards, that is why they can quickly disappear. The most notable is the price. But is that a right way?

PassMark – RADEON SE – Price performance comparison

So, what will be between them? But where is it used? By the way, C. Raeeon did we speak about Sapphire Technology’s products last time? I’m well aware that development, researches, scientific works, designing requires a lot of money. The competition against the GeForce FX looks the same. Many heard of it, but few saw the real card.

The memory bus is 64bit!!! I think it’s one of Sapphire’s tricks ATI shuts its eyes to. It’s the intrigue of the Chinese card makers who were allowed to use the cullage for the internal atlxntis only.


The price is anyway too high. It was quite long ago. The Second Encounter Test results: Technology won’t be left aside either.

But the difference is almost unnoticeable. I atii that such card was ordered by some assembler who then brought them to the gray market, and quick dealers made use of it.

If you want to get the demo benchmarks that we use let me know by e-mail. Return to Castle Wolfenstein Test results: But ATI has nothing to do with it.