Bios should have nothing to do with an intermittant video problem. Vista found HDPro and requested to be rebooted. It’s 12V amps that you need, who cares about watts, that’s a bogus figure. This just confirms the fact that the PSU has nothing to do with the problem, what so ever! I have not tried Windows XP on the system. It all works in fail safe mode.

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I have found the root that causes the problem with my girlfriend PC and her new HDPro grafic board. It 9kagm3 that you need a PSU that can do about 2x that amount of 12V amps.

And, take HD graphics card out too, when trying. It also works if the XP driver is installed in Vista but then the Aero function of Vista does not work.

But chances are big that it will solve the problem. I made jsi fresh, clean installation, formatting the hard drive first. Once again when the OS was installed it crashed as soon as the driver for the board should be installed.

Sounx have spent 6 hours this evening, looking for the root to the cause. Vista-systems do need quite some power, so you better change the power supply for one with at least 30 amps on 12V. I have removed everything than can cause problems, changed the BIOS settings in all ways I can figure out but nothing helps getting the system to run with HD grafic board.


MSI K9AGM3-F – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket AM2 – AMD 690V

The system crached when trying to install the driver for the grafic board, HDPro! If the CPU was soound to start but the memory is bad, it will give a series of beeps sounding like memory-error Yes Bas, you obviously know crap about amps, volts and watts Do not use what Windows might suggest!!

Unfortunatelly all grafic functions does not work, like Vista Aero. I had the exact same problem 3 months ago, where i fixed it or i thought so by updating the BIOS Before updating BIOS i tried a pci-e vga cause the monitor was attached to the onboard vga. Now the computer is working Makes you wonder what a watt is, doesn’t it?

What PSU you have there? Hahahaha, well do the math what a PSU must be able to do: I have not tried Windows XP on the system. Please have a look at these test sites: No menue from souund installation disc appeared during the hour. Hi, you are my last chance guys!


She then inserted the installation disc for the GeCube.

MSI K9AGM3-F – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket AM2 – AMD V Overview – CNET

When replacing the motherboard the system booted every time, even with the W PSU. Please login or register.

Do you have another HDD that you could ms and test with? Her system is running fine as long as the Vista driver is not installed. I agree with Bas: We base that on what you say is the problem and the system part you listed. Yes Fredrik, one should have open mind!

Specification for K9AGM3-F | Motherboard – The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global

Well, we all tell you it’s a PSU problem. What PSU do you have yourself, as things work better in your system? Have a feeling that, if you keep that unspec. The Silverston can support a maximum of W. Del UK on February,