Personally, for the use I give it and the price, I clearly prefer this one, you really have the impression of playing a real piano. Thanks again for help both of you. INS file and a Roland D I did minimal reading about RPN’s already and I think I can work out something after bit more reading. Don’t do the drums yet, they work in a slightly different way, by note number, so we’ll do them when we’ve got the main instrument list done. First of all you’ll have noticed in the ins file you’ve looked at, that anything on a line after a “;” a semi-colon is a comment. Guess what, I just impatiently loaded the draft2 of my ins file to Cakewalk LE4 and even the ins file is not yet complete I can finally choose any of the minus the 9 drum kits sounds via Cakewalk UI.

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I was a bit afraid because I couldn’t test it beforehand. Perhaps there’s a need for a general tutorial? Just change the name in square brackets to e.

User reviews: Thomann SP – Audiofanzine

I won’t go into the details of the features, which have been mentioned in previous reviews. I’m not asking people to do the work for me, but just help me to get started as I’m not so familiar with MIDI and. Which tool you would recommend? Instrument Sp500 section, there’s “BankSelMethod” attribute, is it important or should I ignore it for now?


From that, you might be able to figure out what the piano needs to “see” to respond to patch changes correctly.

You’re almost there, but I have no doubt you’re happier about working with this digital piano now! Hi Good piano, the keyboard is okay, the sounds are quite all right, the speakers sound good, the sequencer is okay, auto-accompaniment is okay.

You’ll find the name of ap5500 controllers that the SP responds to in Appendix 6 of your manual listed under “Control Change”. Would anyone help me to build the. Oh nice, good idea, I’ll try that. I spend about 4 hours teaching, in three different places, with a couple of hours travelling thrown in.

I might then post a general overview about how to create an Instrument File on the list. That said, it still appears the data you’re receiving via MIDI Ox doesn’t correspond to the program changes you’re sending.

Instrument definitions for Thomann/Medeli SP5500

Suffice it to say that the company was managed into oblivion. INS file that has banks to see how it’s done and experiment from there. The piano sound is perfect and realistic. Write a user review Ask for a user review.

Once you’ve got them all down I can probably help you to build an ins file. Listen to some of my stuff here: To be honest IMO it would be a good idea from forum administrators to create dedicated forum area for instrument definitions as I got search results for them. I could not find “RPN” with Acrobat’s search within the whole User’s guide except from example pictures featuring instrument called StGrPnso perhaps mmedeli are hopefully supported but undocumented.


In theory this allowed for more than 16, different banks! Glad you’ve found the posts useful PlanetEarth. Log in Become a member. Reverb Depth” and “CC: My Yamaha S30 has more than patches in it, organized into banks, and I can access all of them. O As I went through the from start, maybe I should skip banks at time and see if there’s any luck at later banks. And the sustain pedal is included.

Everything can be edited, the sounds are good but it’s much more expensive, no usb port, no sd reader and made in china, too. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Now, I haven’t checked all your fields in detail but a quick scan through what you’ve done looks good. Zp5500 keyboard itself is very good and pleasant!