She drives a truck named Madusa, and won the co-championship at the Monster Jam World Finals for freestyle in the first-ever three-way tie. Wrestling Canadian Hall of Fame: There was the name: It’s an awesome experience. Packaging was a lil weird, though.

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Love these – I buy them for any of my son’s friends when he’s invited to a party. Dangerously form his Dangerous Alliance. Success Thank you for signing up! Miceli calling herself both Madusa and Alundra Blayze withdrew the belt, which she stressed was a good-looking “women’s wrestling belt”, and said it was finally “back home where it belongs” after 20 years.

WWE Women’s Champions — Email Address Enter valid email address Password. It is a simple truck, no sound batteriesfree wheeling, but very strong, and looks durable. I live on five acres, I like four-wheelers and riding my Harley. The chrome version of the truck is considered to be on hiatus until further notice and is possibly now retired unless another driver takes over in the future.


Sign up now to receive Sports Illustrated’s best content, special offers and much more. Best of all my pink loving daughter is happy to be able to have her very own monster truck the way she’d prefer it to look.

Pro wrestling wasn’t exactly a sensitive sport. She would also cover for the MetLife Stadium show that April as well. Retrieved September 18, Tito Santana now pours his energy into at-risk students, inspired by a teacher who did the same for him five decades ago.

Madusa (truck)

She remembers an unforgiving childhood begun in Minnesota foster homes before she was taken back in by her inattentive birth mother. Pull it backwards and it GOES! It came fast and was correct toy never opened etc. You know, I never got to have children.

Only 1 left in stock – order soon. Inside the case was a pink-leather championship belt that doubled as trophy and taunt.

People ask, “How could you go from pro wrestling to monster trucks? No, they just don’t turn me on anymore. It is also perhaps the most famous truck to be driven by a woman, and the only one to win a world championship. At a tryout in Kill Devil Hills, N.


It was exactly as explained. There’s nothing around the bus or protecting the bus, except for a very large envelope with very little bubble wrap inside The Very Worst of Pro Wrestling.

Manage Profile Log Out close. The marketing was a no-brainer. I’m a backwoods country type of girl.

File:Madusa monster – Wikimedia Commons

Well, laughs I was going to say that bigger is not better, but in my world of monster trucks, it is. She is never far from her reminders of her wrestling past—nor, given the testosterone flowing through the monster truck circuit, from the current against which she has now swam two times over.

I’d never seen one. They’re a quality product, but considering the rough play they have the ability for I made my own CDs. That’s just not my lifestyle.