Sure, a 20GB model is on the way, but how much will it cost? The four lines of text display all the information you could ask for. Off, 1, 2, 3, or 4 Resume: On or Off Time: Remote with LCD Display. And if you plan on using the iHP for a lot of recording from external sources, I recommend you use the digital interface as often as possible. I wish the designers would have incorporated a rubber cap for the USB port.

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This is now my hard drive player of choice and I like it very, very much. You get a carrying case, USB cable, line-in cable, and the earbuds. The battery used in the H series is physically similar to the battery used in iPods and other DAPs. The models in the H series differ mainly in hard drive storage capacity. This is the same signal, but in a more compact format. Carrying Case Case ohp.

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On or Off Helps prevent distortion in voice recordings As for sound quality, the iRiver is excellent. Songs fade in iruver player starts up.


I know that you think everyone knows who iRiver is, but that’s not the case. Obviously, if you’re hovering around 6GB of music on your computer and don’t keep every file you burn, then this isn’t a big issue.

I know from the barrage of iRiver-related emails I receive every day that many of you have been waiting for this review with bated breath. The latest official version of the H series ieiver was v 1. Additionally, the unit is very fast to respond. This page was last edited on 15 Decemberat On or Off Time: Sure, a 20GB model is on the way, but how much will it cost?

However, the iHP — I don’t think it had a name at the show — was quite impressive. Whether you are scanning through a song or jumping to the next one, there is no annoying lag. For this reason the company bundles a small extension cord.

iRiver iHP-100

You decide the bit rate and format in the menu system. The irkver itself is outstanding. Mobile by Lynn La Aug 29, Audio fidelity has always been a priority for iRiver and the iHP s further proof that the company knows what it’s doing.


The gauge is accurate, but I wish it were divided into iricer segments for a better indication of remaining life. While it cannot compete with the Zen, which is the standard for portables, it is impressive as hell.

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Equalizer Factory Preset Qty. Small storage space and a high price tag will igiver the iHP out of the running for many users, especially power users. There is also the question of value. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. On the right side of the player are four controls: Resumes play from there or starts at root directory.

Hard drive from GB. However, it is really expensive and has a relatively small hard drive. Classic, Jazz, Normal, Rock, U-bass. Clever stuff, but I would have preferred a normally installed jack.