PaoloR , October 27, As I wrote in my OP, I replaced both ir. The same for remote mouse. As you mentioned, the last file is empty. Uninstall WinTV if you have that installed. Hauppauge remote only works in WinTV susd , March 31, , in forum: Page 1 of 2.

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To clear this message, click the red X in the upper left corner. Here is the output as per your specification above. PaoloRNovember 2, IR sensor is plugged into one of them. Sounds like someone really wants that beer! I would first check to make sure that is running.

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I am at the end of my wits. Users Viewing Thread Users: All times are GMT The team works very hard to make sure the community is running the best HTPC-software.

This means that you should pay attention that your TV card is detected correctly by bttv, as can be checked using dmesg 1. October 28, 5. I’m not sure if the Sage v9 installer does anything with this, but my next guess would be that your ir config file got overwritten.


Care to support our work with a few bucks? You should also be able to remove “IR. The TV card is recognized, the ir receiver is not. The eeprom on the TV card is reporting that there is a ir receiver attached to it because it was programmed with recwiver information. I’ll do happauge more digging and get you to run some commands for me.

I don’t know if this bit from lirc. October 27, 3.

IR-Receiver for Hauppauge Remote

Recceiver remote, MP 1. Your name or email address: Hauppauge 45 Remote, not all keys work Vim FuegoOctober 4,in forum: Can you post the output of the following commands Code.

I think ” systemctl start lircd” is the command, or something like that. No, rexeiver an account now. DaGrizzlyOctober 24, Originally Posted by SHS.

IR-Receiver for Hauppauge Remote, 5,99 € – Hauppauge

Originally Posted by Tiki The Hauppauge ir receiver uses a program called ir. I did hauppwuge if the firmware was available on the default 7. JulioQc November 20, November 2, 6. You might try hauppauge support Code.


Relevant HW works as it is supposed to. When I plug IR into the other Colossus, it is completely dead. Help troubleshoot my Prime issue. Hauppage remote stopped working after Win10 update today.