It would probably be a nice thing to have the same version of libgphoto2 and gphoto2, but it would probably not stop your camera from working if you don’t. Why would I be getting the message: We don’t support mass storage cameras on the very logical grounds that the kernel mass-storage support already does that. The fact that you mention gphoto Also feel free to contact me personally, after checking whether your camera is mass-storage and after comparing it to the gphoto2 list of supported cameras go to gphoto. If you followed the steps exactly, this kind of stuff is not supposed to happen. Secondly, I noticed the debug line, 2.

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For the webcam function i started a SANE vidcam backend, see this page: Tame your development challenges with Apache’s Geronimo App Server.

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I don’t think the camera is malfunctioning, but then again it maybe. If this causes the camera to do anything positive, then one is on the right track. Sooner or later, every mortal has one of those unlucky days when one is sure that one did everything exactly right and something falls on the head anyway. The supplied vendor or product id 0x0,0x0 is not valid. Gphoto2 specializes in supporting still cameras which use the PTP protocol, or which are proprietary. Setting timeout to millisecond s To see if this is a possibility, it is good to look for clues in the INF files which came with the camera.


Getting Clever CAM 360 working

A syntax error in what you copied and pasted in the source code. It would probably be a nice thing to have the same version of libgphoto2 and gphoto2, but it would probably not stop your camera from working if you don’t. No such file or directory Any ideas?

For some cameras we do gamma correction of some sort, for some we do grandtevh. That would be a miracle.

If it is not mass-storage and if it is not on the list of cameras which gphoto2 currently supports, then we can soon find out what might be the thing to do next.

Permit me to expand on it a bit.

Loaded ‘Serial Port 0’ serial: Secondly, I noticed the debug line, 2. It’s some time back so i don’t know exactly geandtech problems i had. Not to paint too rosy a picture, it is probably fairly easy to get the photo data out of the camera even if it is previously unsupported.


Scanner information

Don’t take it wrong. The new camera is an 0x Now, after wading in on this, I think I see a reason why Martin contacted you. Pain in the neck, frankly. You can configure it grxndtech the camera driver source pdc Thanks for any ideas on this. It may have happened That was the problem, then?

So in that case you should presumably try to mount it as an external flash drive. It appears to be at least talking with the camera now.

Setting port to ‘usb: Here is different debug output running the newer gphoto2 version 2. On Wed, 14 SepGrandfech wrote: No existing driver supports this camera, unless something has been added to the libgphoto2 CVS tree since I last grandgech it, a couple of weeks ago.

In reply to this post by Martin Here is the results of what you suggested.