Like email which received from Sykpe for Business that contain the conversation. Each message tracking log file has a header that contains the following information: A message was sent to a moderated recipient, so the message was sent to the arbitration mailbox for approval. By default, message subject tracking is enabled. The event source was the poison message identifier. This field contains data related to specific event types. Or really any text parsing utility.

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The message was sent to mailboxes other than the mailboxes of the recipients. The message event information is organized by fields, and these fields are separated by commas.

Tracking messages in Exchange 2013 log files – easy and quick!

Hi PaulThanx for article, I have userwho want to see a specific periods mail like Jan-Feb-Mar and exported to messagetracckinglog, I am giving this cmdlts on poweshell but results file showing 0. Paul, Thanks for this article! Any help or guidance would be much appreciated! How can I open message tracking logs from Exchange I have backup from Exchange hub servers? The RelatedRecipientAddress field has the proxy address the message was sent to.

Fortunately, we can see which transport rules were applied to a message by using message tracking logs.


The message itself is a spam. I searched inbound messages in Barracuda SPAM filter with that subject and discovered the senders to block. How could you then check the rule for storedfiver email that is in fact not there?

Today I will try to at least partially help you in message tracking in Exchange Mail was received from another MAPI system across a connector or across a gateway.

But what about finding emails of certain sizes. Office Office Exchange Server. A message delivery failed.

Renaming old log files or copying other files into the message tracking log folder could cause msesagetrackinglog folder to exceed its specified maximum size. Thank you for this awesome article Paul. Hi gents, Is there any way we can make this investigation in Exchange Remove From My Forums.

How to Tell Which Transport Rule Was Applied to an Email Message

A message was submitted to the store driver by the MTA. In which case that log parser tip you already found is how I tend to investigate that.

The tracking fields are different. A distribution group was expanded. A message was redirected to an alternative recipient after an Active Directory lookup. This event is used by transport agents to log custom data. For more information, see Manage message approval.


Searching Exchange Server Message Tracking Logs with PowerShell

The following table describes the values of the source field. For other types of events, this field is usually blank. Not reliably, because once the email gets into the pipeline all the log entries will start showing the primary SMTP address.

A message is put in the poison message queue or sourrce from the poison message queue. Delivery time in seconds representing the time it takes to deliver the message. A message resubmitted from Safety Net was deferred.

Message Tracking Event ids |

So, that’s one way to find a rule by using message tracking logs to determine which rule ID was applied to messagetrackingloog message. The field name is generally descriptive enough to determine the type of information that it contains. The IPv4 or IPv6 address of the messaging server or messaging client that submitted the message.