I have been in contact with a gentleman from online store called Golf Mart. If Tag could trace the product, they would ban the retailer ever getting a shipment again. The perfect name for suckers like yourself who type into their google search engine the word golf followed by such words as discount, warehouse, sale, rockbottom, cheap, super cheap, unbelieveably cheap, really unbelieveably cheap, really really unbelievably cheap. But first, we want to give you the background on how this whole illegal operation all got started and why it is so rampant right now. After delivery, I sent them an e-mail that I found the club to be fake, but of course, no reaction! Instead look at something they might have had to write themselves. Otherwise he would not be in business so long now on e-bay.

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The shipping come from Kong Hong. I wonder where oversea is? The Callaway FT-9 Tour driver has a ton of pop off the face. I’ve forgotten my password.

Callaway FT-iZ – Equipment – GolfWRX

Chris, OEM is an extremely confusing and contradictaroy term. A friend put it on his scale to check swing weight should have been D3 and it was so heavy it was off the scale. The site purports to be out of Chicago. Prices are really low and was debating purchasing the Ping G20 irons but worried whether there fakes or not.


Like the D1, the FT-iZ has a triangular-ish head. Model XR Pro I guess these guys get them locally since they are close to the manufacturer…not sure.

Would like to know if this is true and are they selling genuine or fake clubs. Callaway tests new legacy black driver. If the stores should really be getting products from the manufacturers, then their inventories should be updated and low-priced.

Callaway FT-iZ

The world wide web is a jungle of no-names, no-faces where thieves and counterfeiters thrive and prosper at the expense of gullible suckers like yourself. I am in desperate need of some new irons, but low on cash.

There are thousands of club makers and most of them are not for the brand name companiesMost of them produce at best a poor made copybut there are a few that make an awsome club that you could not tell apart from the ones in your pro shop.

Seem to have great prices on Ping irons, good feedback. Read the reviews, clearly not written by someone with English as a first language. At least you know where to go if something goes wrong. But remember they are only pictures and what arrives from the courier can be two completely different products.


It will make a difference! Has anyone ever seen a fake left handed club? Would appreciate your help.

I found out later that they were counterfeits. Their prices seem good but not outrageously so.

Callaway FT-iZ Driver – is it fake?

The vendor e-mails me with the news that the serial number is valid and there fore the club in genuine. A magnet does not stick to it but who knows. I disputed the bogus Chinese tourist activites charge that mysteriously appeared after the club order, with my card company.

I mailed it back May 20th and have yet to see my card credited as of If anyone has any experience with them I would appreciate your opinion. When can you find the best deals in golf equipment? Great items great price I got 2 for 1 woods on fy-iz friday. Do they sell senior flex shafts?