For that i seemed to need a plugin for squirrelmail. This is to give you a basic idea, please do not attempt to copy paste this file, rather try to understand it. Simply adding dovecot user to the mail group does not grant write permission. In reply to this post by oddball56 This is quite wrong indeed. This file can be used as a passdb: Search everywhere only in this topic.

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AuthDatabase/PasswdFile – Dovecot Wiki

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. What version of dovecot is this? Later when you know Dovecot is working, you can do it differently see VirtualUsers. IP address and verifies the password validity itself.

How to get a working dovecot.conf?

Fields that the lookup can return: The password field can be in four formats: If you leave any of dovecit.conf standard userdb fields uid, gid, home empty, these defaults will be used. What to do if the passdb lookup had an internal failure default: What to do if the authentication succeeded default: I had to replace obsolete entries first.


Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Using GnuPG with Fedora – http: Passdb fields and extra fields that are used, unless overwritten by the passdb backend.

Here on this contains dovecot -n, postfix -n outputs, postfix master. Authenticate against remote IMAP server. This split of configuration files isn’t a requirement to use, and it doesn’t really matter which.


Auth process broken disconnected before auth was ready, waited 0 secs: In particular, it will fail if used directly as a userdb as the field used for home is not in the same place as expected by the Dovecot parser. The config directory should contain a README file pointing to an example configuration, which dlvecot.conf can use as your basic configuration. This is quite wrong indeed. Lua script for authentication v2.

[SOLVED] dovecot failed to start – status 89 [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Databases that belong to this category are: Each one uses different args. Run as your own non-root user: I prefer plaintext user and password databases id SQL for quick and small installs.


Jens Erat 1 7 However, the Linux-style passwd file has fewer fields than that used by FreeBSD and it will need to be edited if any fields past the first four are needed. PasswordDatabase last edited Maybe i do not know how to create a user In reply to this post by oddball56 This is quite wrong indeed.

Like user, but doesn’t drop existing domain name e.

Static passdb for simple configurations Lua: Hi, As a matter of fact no. This is available only for passdb. The passdb backend name args: Dovecot doesn’t get the correct password from the database, it only gets a “success” or a “failure” reply.