Btw you can be sure that if i buy it from outside of my country when that piano came to the customs it’ll at least double it’s price for sure. The display is pretty basic and decent. Interesting thing is i’ve read lots of bad reviews regarding key action of CME UF88 most of them says that it is worse than M-Audio Keystation 88 Pro which is terrible too according to most of the people but you say it’s impressive so it seems like expectations of people wildly differ. The Strings and Slow Strings sound very good when layered with the piano. None of the reverbs are very strong. First what can you tell me about it’s key action based on your experience.

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You cannot get that concert hall sound, at least through the speakers. Or by becoming a Subscribing member!

All user reviews for the Casio PX-400R

It’s actually the reason why prices are too high. Even at its lowest volume, the string layer sounds pretty prominent – a bit too prominent for my taste. px400

I’ve heard from many people saying their Yamaha and Casio does not do velocity level higher than easily. One intro, two variations, one fill, and one ending per style. I think I covered the salient characteristics of the keyboard. By the way, how come none of the casio sites i’ve looked at including www. By the way, don’t get me wrong i didn’t ignore your recommendation based on some anonymous reviews. Interesting, there are quite a bit of reviews I’ve read of people dumping their M-Audio boards for this one mainly for key action.


Casio Privia PX-400R Keyboard

There’s a lot I don’t know concerning midi and have a lot casuo learn That brings me to this question and I may add it may be very naive of me even asking it. In a couple of years, I’ll look around again in the hopes that px4400r will be putting multi-gig sized piano samples inside these stand alone units.

It is a little too much of a mellow piano for it to be just perfect for me.

Stephenm52 Senior Member Registered: My yamaha sort of acts this way as well. I can rearrange the samples in my sampler according to velocitiy range of the keyboard that’s won’t be a big problem but i didn’t try the midi connection via usb yet i connected and installed drivers correctly but i can’t see the device in midi channels list.

There are 6 choruses, and similarly, they cannot be tweaked. Px4000r made me change my mind.

I am wondering about piano sound of Motif sound module. Tax rates are casiio high here Perhaps somebody else can be more definitive. The Casio PXR is an key digital piano with some bells and whistles. They have better piano sounds on board and the keyboard action is just as good, or better.


Piano Lessons by wildfig. Second, because of the px4000r that i don’t want to use onboard sounds when playing, i need to know whether or not this piano can act as a master midi controller via it’s usb port to PC.

PXR – Privia Digital Pianos – CASIO

I’m really excited to get that feeling again that I am playing the piano. After I hooked up the Yamaha rack to the PXr, it honestly felt like I was playing a different keyboard. One problem I have with the Stereo Grand sample is that the certain timbers of the notes do not reverberate enough with the damper pedal.

GrandPiano and WarmGrand are too wet for me. So to get a little more of an ethereal sound, I found myself wanting to layer the piano with some strings. New Topics – Multiple Forums. The PXR excels in that area – and no other.

Guitar Center had an open box special that made this impossible to pass up. It’s also one of the only controllers in that price range that offers aftertouch. Quote Originally posted by Maxximum: Add to your Watched Users.