First, it is true that unless you hit this club in the sweet spot it seems to loose a little distance over other clubs I have hit. Graphite Available for ladies and left handed. There is aluminum used in the sole of the FT-i, just as with the FT-5, and the neck of the driver sports a tiny hosel-like protrusion. The guy I play with looked at it and laughed. How about the workability difference between these two clubs?

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The Draw version booms off the tee from straight to a nice high draw.

The differences are more than cosmetic, as each driver will appeal to a certain type of player. For example, on one driving hole I hit two drives with the FT-i. The sound, the feel, everything, seemed contrived and not much better than other modern drivers.

I was playing an older The square form factor is weird, it felt like it guided me in a correct swing plane. The FT-5 went longer, but I could callawah spray them wildly offline with a poor swing. However if cant fix your slice try the ft-i.

I played a GBB 7. I have not seen the distance loss as some people have seen.

Callaway FT-5 Tour Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

The amount of material used in the titanium cup-face area appears to have been reduced, as the cup area extends less into the sole and crown areas than it does on the FT I never liked Callaway products until I tried this driver. BC Before Callawaybut after three rounds with the FTi, my drives have increased calaway 20 yards on average.


Any feedback you can provide in regards to these two drivers would be great…. The sound at impact is better, with a louder metallic smack and only the fr5 hint of the plastic sound that plagued the original Fusion driver and lingered a bit with the FT The FT-i is the driver many people are curious callaeay, and I was excited to give it a try.

Any feedback you can provide in regards to these two drivers would be great… Thanks for another great review!! Interesting side-effect of playing the fti for a month or so, I find when I get my old driver out at the range, I hit it much better than I used to. So in the end I would recommend the Callawah to golfers looking for a straighter ball flight. With my swing, the ball off the FT-5 face just goes straight…. I shot a 41 for 9 holes with the FTi as I hit 6 of 9 fairways and had good fairway shots to the green.

Callaway FT-5 Drivers

At address the ft5 seems larger all round and gives one more confidence the difference it quite cxllaway considering that they are both the same size.

However after having it just 4 months the shaft had worn away and snapped. So, put on a Winn grip, and much, much better. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The noise on impact is loud, however, you get used to it.


This is by far the worst caolaway i have evr had!! The squat, square shape of the clubface reminds me a bit of the old Power Pod driver, if one had been squashed a bit. I must retract my earlier comments about the newly purchased FT Your review title You must enter a title.

I bought a new FTi after demoing one during a scramble. The black Fujikura shaft and understated rubber grip add to the non-flashy look.

Today’s Golfer

I bought the FT-i 9. The shape is almost square at address, with a crease down the top that gives the driver the look of a square pepper.

If I was in the market for a new driver and had resisted earlier Fusion drivers, the FT-5 would be the one to make me change my mind.

At this point, I would mainly recommend it to higher handicappers who really struggle off the tee, especially with getting their drives airborne.