Uses for the rDAC are almost endless. Coaxial and optical inputs are also included on the rDAC, but the company recommends that, while fine for CD players and other external fittings, you do not plug your PC into the optical port, as doing so will trigger the return to audio chaos. The rDAC is quick to reward the use of high-resolution files, but pleasingly slow to punish the use of compressed ones. Previously, pianos sounded relatively lifeless. Over 20 years ago Arcam produced the Back Box standalone digital-to-analogue convertor. For Well specified and well finished substantial, responsive sound from any source.

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Small but well connected The rDAC’s a compact just 4 x 16 x 11cmcast aluminium device — it’s finished nicely enough to warrant shelf space, but is small enough to be hidden away if necessary. Over 20 years ago Arcam produced the Back Box standalone digital-to-analogue convertor.

The irDAC is designed to be the heart of a digital system and can be connected to a host of different types of digital sources and connections. Originally published in the Yearbook When association is complete, the LED will turn green. Converting Wilco’s You and Ireceived via its digital optical input, the rDAC delivers a spacious, controlled and big-boned sound.

Use our magazine locator link to find your nearest stockist! As you’d imagine, it’s a lot more complicated on the inside.

irDAC – USB DAC – Arcam

Building on the rDAC’s success, and incorporating feedback from enthusiastic rDAC owners, the Arcam engineering team have produced the irDAC, an enhanced design that raises the performance bar and is delightfully simple to use.


Subscribe Now 13 issues delivered to your door. Having selected the Wireless input, you press the source-select button again and hold it, until the LED flashes red as the rDAC rdwc for a compatible transmitter.

Another sign of impressive attention to detail is the USB connection. The irDAC comes packed with cutting edge technology that brings high-end performance to a wide aecam of sources. Against Some system-matching ksb required to avoid the bass becoming bothersome.

The internal wireless receiver also features dCS technology and offers music lovers with large stored collections a level of performance that was previously only available from expensive audiophile systems. This is a relatively new take on USB transfer and allows for increased performance from this increasingly common connection.

Follow TechRadar Reviews on Twitter: The technique also yields benefits in that a DAC can serve as a useful upgrade to a trusted CD player. This includes asynchronous USB and direct iPod connection, taking ksb digital signal direct from an Apple device for optimal sound quality.

Bass sounded more natural, and upper mid and treble frequencies proved foot-tappingly musical. Give the rDAC a typical modern recording with the levels turned Spinal Tap-style to eleven and it will manage to find the dynamics within it that have been compressed to within an inch of their life. Want the latest issue of Hi-Fi News? Such an arrangement eliminates the need of worrying about single-box downsides like electrical cross contamination and other associated distortions. The market’s not short of little DACs ready to bring your digital music collection to life.

Turning to the rDAC afforded the vocal performances a more emotional presentation, as uzb guitar solos became more precise uxb incisive; cymbal-induced treble traits were now light as a feather. Offering coaxial, optical aarcam USB digital inputs the rDAC renders music with stunning accuracy and delivers a performance of thrilling musicality. The goal is to clean the data up before you turn the ones and zeroes into audio. Switching over to arcak coaxial input does not change the behaviour of the rDAC in any substantial way, although this is as much a reflection of how good the USB input actually is, rather than any deficiency on the part of the coaxial input.


The only control is a small chromed button set into the top, which you press to cycle through USB, Optical, Coax and Arcma inputs. It’s outstanding sound quality will deliver sheer musical enjoyment for all music lovers.

Johnny Black’s Rocksource Arfam. How to buy To make the most of your investment in one of our systems, we’d advise you to talk to one of our specialist dealers. Moreover, the bass had room to move, allowing space to act as a melodic foundation.

Arcam rDAC (£375)

If you are not reading this content in your news aggregator, RSS reader, or direct, then the aram you are looking at may be guilty of copyright infringement. But there was still a fine sense of presence and rdav in the voice, and some details in the accompaniment seemed more characterful: This track came over bright and full of energy, and we felt the sound compared very closely with that of the coax input and CD transport source.

Jitter reduction is an obsession within our engineering team.