Wireless Access Point, Repeater, or Bridge. Reset To reset the AP to the default factory settings, press and hold the reset button at the bottom of the device with the tip of a pencil or similar pointed object for 5 seconds. This will bring up the “Local Area Connection Properties” window. State AP is powered on. If not, first install a Wireless Access Card on your computer. The lower the transmit power, the smaller your wireless range will be. Please note that the adapter is V only.

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AirTies Wireless Networks – Air

The device will automatically enter idle mode immediately when there is no network access. AirTies will not be held responsible in such circumstances. In the screen that appears, the “Welcome” screen, a summary of the current network and device settings are displayed. However, it is recommended that you leave this field as Auto.

The AirTies Mesh Technology resolves problems such as loss of wireless signal or limited coverage area often encountered in multiplestory or reinforced concrete buildings. Got airtties, continue to print. The APs in repeater mode communicate with each other and the wireless AirTies router via the Mesh protocol. As a wireless access point, the AP enables mobile devices to access the local network.


Do not plug or unplug the power cord. The result will be similar to the one shown below. Minimum System Requirements 1.

Airties AP Manuals

Main Features Minimum System Requirements 1. Wireless Access Point, Repeater, or Bridge. Restart, Reset to factory settings and Firmware update. Datasheet for Air To print the manual completely, please, aorties it.

If not, first install a Wireless Access Card on your computer. If any of the devices in your wireless network does not support WPA, it is recommended that you choose WEP encryption.

AirTies AP-301 Manuals

You can find more information about this in the Wireless Security section. The AirTies Mesh Technology is what makes this possible. You can include a wired device e.

Please note that the aifties is V only. You can adjust the wireless data rate of the AP If you would like to use WPA2 encryption in your wireless network, all the wireless terminals in your network need to support WPA2. Air Mbps 3×3 Wireless Video Operator grade video streaming capable.


AirTies AP-301 User Manual

Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape. Personalize Wi-Fi — change settings for one AP; network follows. Make sure you choose a key that is not easy to guess. The RT and the AP will now airtise each other. Management The default password for accessing the web-based user interface of the AP is blank.

Configuring the AP as an Access Point First, open a web browser e. Type cmd in the window that opens and click OK. AP added to Wi-Fi network and coverage extended further. You can set the Arties Power of the AP