Here I go again looking for ways to get this tablet to work in Ubuntu. I just want to sketch stuff and write equations. It also appears to behave like a mouse instead of a tablet. Decided I’d just keep using Windows for image editing. Any and all help is very much appreciated. But I’m not sure they can handle written notes?

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None of the buttons work. Here a cheap product is way more useful than an expensive one since you can take it more places.

This thread is closed to new comments. We currently just write equations in Skype in LaTeX code, which is fine. Here I go again looking for ways to get this tablet to work in Ubuntu.

Wacom has graded sensitivity, generally more levels of pressure too. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

ACECAD Acecat 302 USB Pen & Graphic Tablet

January 7th, 1. Wacom doesn’t make this sort of digital notepad product afaik.

I found the WizardPen tutorial and since it specifically grpahics my tablet as tested and working, I attempted to follow it. January 8th, 3. Just not cheap ones.


It also appears to behave like a mouse instead of a tablet. It might be better to borrow one off someone to try it out, rather than buy something that will probably just end up kicking around your place as junk. I just want to sketch stuff and write equations.

I imagine that devices like the Nokia Internet Tablet don’t really allow for note taking? Does anyone know of other digital notepads that also work as tablets? A program called VectorPen claims some limited support on the Digital notepad side. I don’t know if I’m not calibrating properly or it’s just being weird or what, but that is bugging me.

[SOLVED] ACECAD Graphics Tablet

How about smaller devices like the Pegasus Mobile Notetaker or various digital pens? I’m not an artist. Well, due to unforeseen and irreparable damage to my machine, I can no longer boot Windows. In terms of features, a wacom products just have the better of the available tech options.

Acecat II 5″x5″ Graphics Tablet ACECAD Mouse Replacement

Some have a built-in screen, some don’t. How about under Mac OS X? I suppose, if no such Mac product exists, I could try an ordinary graphics tablet, tbalet to see how I like them, and then hope Mac compatible notepads appear. Well, one point is that Wacom may be the only tablet maker who has Mac compatible handwriting recognition, but I’m probably not using that anyway.


ACECAD Acecat USB Pen & Graphic Tablet | eBay

Does anyone know if further development on VectorPen has been abandoned? Eg, some tablets use a mechanism that needs a battery in the pen, some don’t.

Just how much better is a Wacom? Recent question along the same lines.

So I gave up. The cursor responds to tablet movements now, just not at a 1: So here’s another acecax I doubt the product you want exists there yet, but I have a feeling that that’s where something of interest to you might come from in the next few years.

If more is needed just let me know. If so, then there are plenty of products available.