Therefore they had to change to a slot design, where they would be able to include the L2 cache external to the die but still on the same PCB. Obviously for users with Socket processors, the SH6 will not be on their shopping list. Nice board, but it wouldn’t overclock my celleron2 like the old bx board would. I don’t even consider anything below a 5. Those who have been paying attention to processor evolution should remember the decision by Intel to migrate from Socket-7 to Slot-1 a couple years ago when they released the Pentium II.

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The board was rock solid under our stability tests, even when we ran with a MHz memory clock and enabled the CAS2 setting.

Test Configuration Processor s: Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Read on vdeo find out if this board can serve as a bridge between your Slot-1 CPU and your next Socket processor.

It brings along some impressive performance, just like its brothers, and at the same time even more brilliant stability. With xbit ratio of 3: For those who had bought a Slot-1 motherboard and CPU that meant they would not be able to upgrade anymore without getting a new motherboard and CPU. Mon May 21, Unfortunately for those users who bought Slot-1 motherboards with those thoughts in mind, the advent of vidwo L2 cache with the Celeron and Coppermine CPU’s signaled a move back to socketed designs due to their lower manufacturing costs.


Anyone Out There With An Abit SA6 or SA6R?

Sorry to persist, just wanted to make sure. And it has an ISA slot too.

Finally, there are three fan connectors on the motherboard, which can also be monitored through the PC Health panel. On the other hand users with PC memory can use the 4: When you want to overclock, heat is one of the biggest abir.

Mon May 21, 4: Instead they offered SoftMenu II, which lacks quite a few features that the 3rd iteration does have. The DIMM slots are located around 3.

This wide range of FSB speeds provides all the possible clock speeds you could ask for to help overclock your CPU to the maximum. I don’t have the raid version, but am using a Promise Fatrack controller in it with zero trouble. Mon May 21, 2: If you aren’t going to use the onboard stuff including the RAID it probably isn’t worth it, esp.


Sep 3, Posts: Nov 30, Posts: Warr Acres, OK Registered: It’s just not stable. With a ratio of 4: Log in Don’t have an account?

ABIT Remembers Overclocking – ABIT SH6 Slot-1 iE ATX

Mon May 21, 3: It didn’t take long for that to happen – up until now, all i E boards were Socket based. Keep in mnd that I use pricewatch to find the lowest prices and then go to ResllerRatings. abkt

Now, many boards come within one Winstone point of each other and therefore the need to benchmark boards against each other falls. Quake III Arena x x I’ve used an Abit SL6, pretty happy with it. The available settings are from 1. Redhook Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: